Loving Historical information about areas we live in we looked up Morrow county history and found  in the early 1817 Bloomfield  was a descriptive name for the flowers that bloomed in the area. Since there are numerous wild flowers and berries on the property we thought Bloomfield Meadows was a fitting. name for our farm.

Bloomfield Meadows

                                                                 Barn Venue and Blueberry Farm

​                                                              Centerburg, Ohio

                                Serving Columbus,Marysville, Dublin, Westerville, Worthington,Ohio

 Bloomfield Meadows came about from a  young teenager who would day dream with friends about where she wanted to live when grown up. These dreams were driven by the memories of summers spent on my grand parents farm in Alexandria, Ohio and my fathers farm in Fitchfield, Ohio.

The smells of rain  falling on freshly cut fields, the sounds of roosters crowing, sheep bleating and cows mooing in the morning when you awake, tractors running and children playing all bring back fond memories and good times. I wanted to share this feeling with others and thought no better way than opening our farm to others.